metaphysical properties of fluorite
metaphysical properties of fluorite
Fluorite enhances the ability to meditate, increases psychic development, and brings spiritual peace.

All colors of fluorite are effective for clearing the aura and energy centers
and can facilitate a deep state of meditation.
Fluorite also encourages stability and the reaching of goals.
It is the stone of discernment and aptitude, bringing the energies of mental achievement to their apex.

Purple Fluorite
can be used to open the third eye and increase psychic awareness as well as spiritual connection and growth.
It is used to assist in effective meditation and is associated with spiritual wholeness. Purple fluorite enhances intuition and is also usefull in divination and dream work.

Green Fluorite is a stone of healing at all levels.
It encourages a calm approach to matters and encourages decisive action.
Green Fluorite can eliminate negativity and transmute it to light and love.

Blue Fluorite helps develop orderly thoughts and produces a calm energy which promotes communication.

Clear Fluorite stimulates the crown chakra to clear and energizes the energy centers.
It is used to align the chakras, to open pathways between universal energy and the physical, and to facilitate energy transfer from other minerals in the healing state.

Yellow Fluorite is used to enhance creativity and promote love between all things.

Rainbow Fluorite combines all properties of fluorite together.

Astrological signs: Pisces and Capricorn.
Fluorite vibrates to the number 7.
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